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    Ben Baruk – Cosmogony (CD)


    72 in stock


    The long awaited brand new Ben Baruk!!! This release is 1 epic opus!
    Housed in a jewel case and has and 8 panel booklet with all the lyrics
    On a pro duplicated disc!!
    Do not miss this epic release!!! with many guests on this release!!
    Release date is 5.3.24!!!

    — Act I — Echoes Of Creation

    1 – Scene One: I.The Almighty Music (feat. Nahor Andrade)
    2 – Scene One: II.Cognitive Dissonance (feat. Melancton Samengallef of Cerimonial Sacred)
    3 – Scene One: III.War of the Sacred (feat. Jordan Varela of In-Conquered & Clayton Rodrigues)
    4 – Scene Two: The Firmament Chord (feat. Lucas Brum)
    5 – Scene Three: Designing the Reality (feat. Samuel Gonçalves)

    — Act II — The Ancient History

    6 – Scene Four: I.Sounds of Matter (feat. Michel Oliveira)
    7 – Scene Four: II.Bauglir (feat. Léo Gomes)
    8 – Scene Five: The Imperishable Flame
    9 – Scene Six:Trees of Divine (feat. Duane Keith II of Christ Rising/Extinction of Baal/Tortured Conscience)
    10 – Scene Seven: Fall of the Firstborn (feat. Ivete & Wesley Lanzieri)