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    CBM LP Bundle “Get Em All” (12″ Vinyl)


    7 in stock


    in stock and shipping!
    limited edition collectors pieces!
    ALL CBM Christian Black Metal, White Metal, Unblack Metal…whatever you wanna call it!!

    1. Vials Of Wrath- seeking refuge 12″ Limited of 200 copies
    on black with turquoise side a/b effect!
    2 panel lyric sheet!

    2. Elgibbor-Resist Him 12″ Limited of 150 copies
    on clear wax with black marble
    2 panel lyric sheet

    3. Vials Of Wrath – Days Without names 12″ Limited of 200
    on red with black and white splatter
    2 panel lyric sheet

    4.Demoniciduth – Enemy of satan 12′ vinyl (Black wax with gold varnished cover)

    5. Holy Blood – Voice of Blood 12″ (on 4 colors…random colors will be grabbed and sent)

    6. Cerimonial Sacred- Eternity Begins Tonight 7″ ep
    (on 4 colors-random choices will be picked and sent)

    7. Dawnbreaker – Vanquished Horrible Night 12″ (limited of 150)
    on black with green side a/b effect 2 panel insert with lyrics

    8. Frost Like Ashes – Tophet New collectors vinyl!

    superb CBM collectors pieces… once they are gone—they are gone

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    Digital (MP3), Physical (CD)