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    Duister Maanlicht – Influisteringen van de Duivel (CD)



    Duister Maanlicht returns! RELEASES 10.22.21!!!
    This band is in the vein of Darkthrone (Transylvanian Hunger/ A Blaze in the Northern Sky era)
    This band is known as a Anti-Pagan Band – and the remaining member is a very dedicated Christian.
    They will be doing 2 Christian Releases for us, this is the 2nd and last release

    Pro duplicated CD with 2 panel insert with lyrics
    01 Verweerd en Zwartgeblakerd
    02 Ketterjacht
    03 Platvloers en Plompverloren
    04 Bedriegers, Kwakzalvers, die Verdoemde Hekserij!
    05 Ontaard, Zedeloos en Goddeloos
    06 Volksverlakkerij
    07 Het Oog van de Storm
    08 De Alruin

    01 Weathered and Blackened
    02 The Persecution of Heretics
    03 Crude and Blunt
    04 Cheaters, Charlatains, & Doomed Witchcraft!
    05 Degenerate, Immoral and Godless
    06 Misleading of People
    07 The Eye of the Storm
    08 The Mandrake

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