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    Sacrificium – Oblivion (CD)

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    After 10 long years since the last full length album, German death metallers SACRIFICIUM are once again back in full length format with their hard-hitting death metal. Featuring groovy death metal with their trademark heavy riffs and atmospheres included, they are now back to deliver more of their speciality. Their death metal is energetic and catchy with a mix of brutality and melody. Chaotic and noisy, the album delivers low range growls, high speed riffs and melodic breaks that are sure to satisfy any death metal fan out there. Lyrically, the album contemplates humanity’s doubtful existence, critical worldviews and guilt. SACRIFICIUM have been playing concerts alongside bands such as Extol, Dismember and The Black Dahlia Murder and have already scheduled shows for 2023 in Switzerland, Norway and Mexico.

    01. Annihilated
    02. Martyrium
    03. From Above
    04. Born Guilty
    05. Where All Prayers Fail
    06. Eye for an Eye
    07. Decadence Reigns
    08. Cohorts of Oblivion
    09. Death from Within
    10. Written in My Scars

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