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    Shamash – Suffering Servant (CD)

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    The band was forged in shadows as a union between Andre, Alexaander and Darren. Shamash is now an ignited juggernaut with three decades of combined metal experience tucked under their collective belts, ready to illuminate and ignite worldwide. Founder Andre was formerly a member of Asia’s pioneering Christ-centred death metal outfit, Necromanicide (3 decades ago). Alexaander and Darren were remnants from Army of Three (2 decades ago). Even though Shamash began in 2020, do not mistake these veterans as novice.

    Track Listing:

    1) For Unto Us
    2) At The Throne
    3) Spiritus Sanctus
    4) Suffering Servant
    5) The View In My Soul

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    Physical CD or Digital Download

    Digital (MP3), Physical (CD)