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EDIFICADOR vale de sombra morte CD

Edificador – Vale Da Sombra Morte (Valley Of The Shadow Of Death) (CD or Digital)




After a long wait for this one to be release, fans of old school, raw black metal will have fun blasting one. A rather lengthy album, metalheads will love the earfuls of harsh, pronouncing metal onslaught that comes from each track. For fans of Fire Throne, Elgibbor, Katumus, Hortor, and all forms of old school black metal!
-Nokternal Hemizphear


  1. Pacto Quebrado (Broken Covenant)
  2. Madiicao Hereditaria
  3. Calamadade Paga
  4. Vale De Sombra Morte (Shadow Valley Death)
  5. Abistinencia
  6. Menotonia Munadana
  7. Norda Ordem Congregada
  8. Sacrificio Pelo Homem (Sacrifice By Man)
  9. Crucial Aniquilacao
  10. Perserveranca Alem Da Carne (Persevere Beyond The Flesh)
  11. Forca Suprema Univeral (Gallows Universal Supreme)
  12. Flagelo Da Obcessao (Bonus Demo Track)


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