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    Holy Blood – The Wanderer 20th Year Anniversary Edition (CD)



    Hear this classic in quality like never before! A beautiful 20th anniversary edition of this CLASSIC RELEASE!!!!
    You get the NEW REmastered version and the Original version (with a fixed master! the song changes/title changes in the correct places)
    8 panel booklet jewel case with all lyrics on a replicated silver disc!
    RELEASE DATE IS 5.5.23!

    1 Bogatyr Gates of Kiev
    2 The Wanderer
    3 Kill
    4 The Warrior
    5 Morning
    6 In the Lake of Fire
    7 The Poor World
    8 The Dnieper
    9 On Drakkares of Fate
    10 Cold Winds
    11 Kill (Remix)
    12 Bogatyr Gates of Kiev
    13 The Wanderer
    14 Kill
    15 The Warrior
    16 Morning
    17 In the Lake of Fire
    18 The Poor World
    19 The Dnieper
    20 On Drakkares of Fate
    21 Cold Winds
    22 Kill (Remix)

    Also DIGITALLY AVAILABLE ON: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp and ALL Streaming/Download sites

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    Physical CD or Digital Download

    Digital (MP3), Physical (CD)