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    Frost Like Ashes – Hoarfrost (The Compendium) (Double CD)


    177 in stock


    Tophet is a classic that needed a superb reissue!
    Fully Remastered!! New Art and layout!
    A Beautiful 2 CD SET with a 12 panel booklet!!!!
    on Replicated Silver CD’s
    A MUST own reissue!!!
    Digitally streaming/Download on ALL major sites!
    Do NOT miss out on your chance to have this special edition!

    1.A Terrible Visitation (Tophet) 06:46
    2.Desecrator (Tophet) 03:44
    3.Of Spirit and Power (Tophet) 06:36
    4.Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (Tophet) 05:30
    5.A Cruel Verse (Tophet) 04:54
    6.Crucifixion (Tophet) 02:47
    7.Execution By Fire (Tophet) 04:41
    8.Shattered Gods (Tophet) 06:07
    9.Lord of Darkness (Tophet) 07:33
    10.Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent (Rehearsal) 04:16
    11.A Cruel Verse (Rehearsal) 04:44
    12.Adorers of Blood (Rehearsal) 06:21
    13.Notions of Insanity (Pure as the Blood Covered Snow) 05:10
    14.A Cruel Verse (Pure as the Blood Covered Snow) 05:15
    15.Adorers of Blood (Pure as the Blood Covered Snow) 06:04
    16.After Forever (Black Sabbath Cover) 05:00
    17.Immortals (Demo) 03:33
    18.Born To Pieces (Born to Pieces) 07:21
    19.Pale Shadows (Born to Pieces) 05:49
    20.Immortals 2008 (Born to Pieces) 03:42
    21.Plan 2 (Saint cover) (Born to Pieces) 08:07
    22.When the Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash Cover) 04:40
    23.Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (V2 Different Recording) 05:30
    24.Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent (V2 Different Recording) 04:41
    25.Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (Acoustic) 05:54

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