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    Frost Like Ashes – Hoarfrost (The Compendium) (Double CD)


    200 in stock


    Tophet is a classic that needed a superb reissue!
    Fully Remastered!! New Art and layout!
    A Beautiful 2 CD SET with a 12 panel booklet!!!!
    on Replicated Silver CD’s
    A MUST own reissue!!!
    soon to be Digitally streaming/Download on ALL major sites!
    SPECIAL PRE ORDER PRICE!!! RELEASE DATE TBA (looking at end of feb to mid march)
    Do NOT miss out on your chance to have this special edition!

    1.A Terrible Visitation (Tophet) 06:46
    2.Desecrator (Tophet) 03:44
    3.Of Spirit and Power (Tophet) 06:36
    4.Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (Tophet) 05:30
    5.A Cruel Verse (Tophet) 04:54
    6.Crucifixion (Tophet) 02:47
    7.Execution By Fire (Tophet) 04:41
    8.Shattered Gods (Tophet) 06:07
    9.Lord of Darkness (Tophet) 07:33
    10.Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent (Rehearsal) 04:16
    11.A Cruel Verse (Rehearsal) 04:44
    12.Adorers of Blood (Rehearsal) 06:21
    13.Notions of Insanity (Pure as the Blood Covered Snow) 05:10
    14.A Cruel Verse (Pure as the Blood Covered Snow) 05:15
    15.Adorers of Blood (Pure as the Blood Covered Snow) 06:04
    16.After Forever (Black Sabbath Cover) 05:00
    17.Immortals (Demo) 03:33
    18.Born To Pieces (Born to Pieces) 07:21
    19.Pale Shadows (Born to Pieces) 05:49
    20.Immortals 2008 (Born to Pieces) 03:42
    21.Plan 2 (Saint cover) (Born to Pieces) 08:07
    22.When the Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash Cover) 04:40
    23.Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (V2 Different Recording) 05:30
    24.Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent (V2 Different Recording) 04:41
    25.Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (Acoustic) 05:54

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