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    True Warriors for Christ Compilation #2 (CD)

    Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $9.09.

    93 in stock


    Many brand new singles on this compilation
    2 panel inlay pro duplicated disc
    Releases 1.26.24
    Digitally Available on ALL major platforms (on 1.26.24)
    Get a digital download code W/ CD purchase! so You will have ALL material listed here (digitally)
    12 track disc
    1. Christ Rising – For I Am Sloth (Clean Vocal Version)
    2. Sorrowstorm – Age of Rising Conquest
    3. Ben Baruk – The Imperishable Flame
    4. Extinction of Ba’al – And Then Falls the Fire
    5. Mirha – Jesus is my Saviour
    6. Adventunnum – Absurd Life
    7. Cerimonial Sacred – I Hate Satan
    8. This Divided World – Kairos
    9. Extinction of Ba’al – Entering Ancient Ages of Idolatry
    10. Tortured Conscience – Rise
    11. Soul Factor – Lies to Disgrace
    12. Christ Rising – For I Am Sloth (Guttural Version)

    The Digital is 20 tracks (CD will only fit the 1st 12
    13-20 are digital only!
    13. Afflicted Truth – Bearing the Cross
    14. Dawnbreaker – The Siege of Antioch
    15. Frost Like Ashes – Goer
    16. In-Conquered – Demons Everywhere
    17. Christ Rising – I Never Knew Woe (Clean Vocal Version)
    18. Soul Factor – Sacred Gates
    19. Cerimonial Sacred – Everything Beautiful is Falling
    20. Christ Rising – I Never Knew Woe (Guttural Version)

    Please allow 24-48 hours for your code to be emailed to you AFTER THE RELEASE IS OUT 🙂