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    When the Trumpet Blows – Mind & Soul (CD)

    Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $8.49.

    48 in stock


    We welcome the brutality of When the trumpet Blows to our label!
    releases on 7.12.24!
    2 panel inlay on pro duplicated discs

    1.Broken Life 02:26
    4.Devil in My Head
    5.Self Hatred, Lost view
    6.Suffer 02:23
    7.Cleansed Anew
    8.For You
    9.Suffer More 02:45
    10.Battle for Mind & Soul
    11.Choir of Damnation
    12. I Know God’s There
    13.Hurt from the Start
    14.Screams from the Abyss

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